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The vision behind Eco Sparkle

The vision behind Eco Sparkle is in its name, the vision is to encourage and promote eco cleaning by using eco friendly cleaning products. The vision we hold is to improve working and living environment across London by providing the best cleaning services through our core values.

Our core values are;

TEAM WORK: Working cooperatively and efficiently together to achieve the common goal of providing value to our customers and to sustain profitable growth.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE: Delivering what we promise and adding value beyond what is expected. Building customer loyalty not just satisfaction.

INTEGRITY: Demonstrating honesty and truthfulness.

RESPECT: We treat co-workers and customers with appreciation, kindness and politeness keeping personal opinions of others private and not engaging in any form of gossip. We respect the policies, the people we work with, the company, its assets and ourselves.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking responsibility to complete your tasks, to perform the duties required by your job and to be present for your shifts in order to fulfill and further the goals of the company.

PROFESSIONALISM: Adhering to the company’s standards and expectations in regards to appearance, attitude, behaviour and performance when dealing with coworkers and customers.

RELIABILITY: Being punctual and dependable resulting in being committed to the team, our customers and the company.

PURSUE GROWTH & LEARNING: We are committed to improving ourselves personally and professionally which will lead to greater opportunities in the company and healthier relationships.

What we do?

We are a professional cleaning company offering domestic and commercial cleaning services to customers across London. We specialise in office cleaning, domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and after-building cleaning.

Our approach

I believe that appreciation and gratitude help in enhancing the performance of cleaning staff. I apply this belief on the appointed cleaners. My goal was to create a positive experience for staff, which would stimulate learning and continuous improvement. I strive to offer support to our cleaners at all times and be understanding towards them even in the case when there are some shortcomings. I treat all of them with kindness and, if necessary, try to make them understand that their performance has not been up to the mark. In addition to this, I provide them with suggestions to improve their performance.

From the very beginning, I decided that providing training was important despite the business having no funds for a training budget. Some cleaners say that I am very demanding, but I believe it is important for cleaners to receive regular, constructive feedback about their work, as this is the only way to improve standards and customer satisfaction. I always try to find an individual approach to each of the cleaning operatives and understand their family problems, health issues and life changes.